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Taking the step to get counselling wasn’t easy, but I was so lucky that I chose Shakeera Price.

As well as being a consummate professional, Shakeera provided a comfortable safe place to talk and to begin to piece myself back together.

Suffering from BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) traits, I found that I was unable to cope with overwhelming emotions.

Shakeera helped and empowered me to develop and use the skills I needed to manage my emotions.

I also learned techniques to process thoughts and feelings more productively so that I did not fall into the emotional spirals which had plagued me for so long.


I can honestly say that having therapy from Shakeera was the best thing I have ever done for myself. She really is amazing and I still use what I learned with her every day.


T. Dar

I had my 30th birthday the other day and I had a big party and invited everyone I know. My mom came over to me and told me she was proud of me. She said she didn't think she would see me reach 30 at one point in my life.

I used to feel like I was on a rollercoaster of emotions all the time and it used to take me so much longer to get back up everytime I was floored my my feelings. Small things like someone not texting me back would send me spiralling and I would think they didn't like me anymore and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Working with Shakeera has changed my life... literally! I am in a relationship now and I have a job. Two things I never thought I would have! I still get thoughts about hurting myself sometimes but I am able to use the things I learned working with Shakeera to help me through those times. 

K. Roberts

I got my diagnosis after a terrible point in my life and was terrified to find help after previous experiences. I wanted help but I didn't feel like I would be taken seriously or like I would be made to feel like an idiot. When I made the decision to find help for emerging unstable personality disorder, I looked on BACP and found 3 possibilities. Shakeera stood out to me, resonated with me and made me feel safe. I do not know where I would be now without the skills and tools that Dialectical Behaviour therapy and working with Shakeera have given me. My family and friends have noticed and are proud of how far I have come. I'm proud of myself too, I never thought I'd be here, stable, wanting to continue living and having a support system to help when it comes to overwhelming emotional spirals.

Shakeera offers a safe comfortable, private space for you which has been key for me. Without Shakeera, I never could have imagined being in a place where I would want to survive rather than barely existing. 

A. Hall

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