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Online & telephone sessions

If you would like to access counselling sessions with me but coming to the office is difficult then online counselling may be the answer for you.

Online or telephone counselling is a great option to help you to access therapy if you have a lack of time, physical hurdles that make travelling difficult, concerns about being seen at the office, agoraphobia or it may just be your personal preference. 

I offer remote sessions delivered via telephone and online sessions accessed via Skype or Zoom.

The process is exactly the same as with face to face counselling whereby we will have an assessment session to further my understanding of your current circumstances, see how I may be of help and to see how we feel about working together.

If you are happy to proceed following this then we will look at booking further sessions. 

If after accessing online or telephone sessions you decide they aren't for you and you think you would prefer face to face sessions then that is absolutely fine we can just switch to face to face sessions moving forward. 

Fees for appointments (including assessment appointments) are £65.

Sessions informed by Dialectical Behaviour therapy (DBT) are £80.



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