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My Therapy: Journey Journal

Providing Everything You Need To Get Even More Out Of Your Sessions.


What is it?

The My Therapy: Journey Journal is the perfect way to bridge the gap between your counselling sessions.

The Journal contains prompts to help you to reflect and organise your thoughts, before and after your sessions. 

This will support you to make the most out of your sessions by giving you a space to write down observations and insights made by you and your therapist, in and out of the therapy room.

It is also a great space to write down what you may like to discuss with your therapist, so you can maximise the time spent with them, and it acts as the perfect memory aid if you find yourself forgetting what you wanted to say during your sessions.

You can use the journal to capture your therapeutic journey from beginning to end and it has space for at least 6 months of weekly therapy sessions. 

Just £10

The Story

"For many people counselling sessions are an essential investment in taking care of themselves, but sessions are also a huge financial commitment, because of this I often get asked questions like "how can I get the most value out of sessions?"

Some people choose to purchase a notebook to write down their thoughts, but they are unsure what to write or what is important to consider.

I developed My Therapy: Journey Journal to support counselling clients to maximise the time spent with their therapist, by giving them guidance about what information to capture. My Therapy: Journey Journal provides clients with a space to organise their thinking before and after sessions, and helps then to think about where they are at in their therapeutic journey. 

This essentially allows them to close the gap between sessions and transfer the conversations they are having with their counsellors beyond the boundaries of the  therapy room."

Shakeera x


How do I get one?

If you would like to purchase a My Therapy: Journey Journal you can do so in the following ways:

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