Shakeera Price

Counsellor and Psychotherapist


Individual Counselling and

Individual counselling and psychotherapy sessions are a safe place to talk in confidence and explore your concerns in more depth. 



I am experienced in providing supervision to staff, students undertaking counselling and psychotherapy courses and qualified counsellors. 



Room hire

A prominently situated, comfortable and quiet office to hire on a sessional basis in Sutton Coldfield. This decently sized office is furnished and newly refurbished to a high standard.


Therapist networking events

It really is good to talk! Why not come along to one of our casual and informal meetup/ support groups for Counsellors in Private practice?

About me

I have helped adults and young people to overcome anxiety, build self- esteem and confidence, fight depression and low mood, achieve healthy relationships and manage intense or overwhelming emotions such as anger.

Getting Help

"Well done for taking the first step to accessing support and alleviating some of the distress you are feeling. This is often the hardest step and the most daunting one but I hope that reading my page encourages you to take the next step and begin your therapeutic journey."

I can imagine a future I can tolerate- thank you for your part in that!